Friday, March 6, 2009

Eh apa ni???

Hurm.... MSDN Flash Developer Newsletter??
tengah aku dok click2 link, terjumpa la satu link nih...menarik gak...aku pun tak berapa tau pasal ni..keyh, jom kita baca sesama lam bahasa omputih hehehehe

A Great Developer Resource: All of Microsoft's Developer News in One E-mail

MSDN Flash delivers critical developer news to you in one information-dense, compact newsletter. Stay up to date with the latest development news from Microsoft by subscribing today. Learn about the latest resources, SDKs, downloads, partner offers, security news, and national and local developer events. Every other week you'll get an e-mail containing pointers to all of the new articles, samples, and headlines from MSDN Online, the MSDN Library, the Knowledge Base, the Developer Centers, and other Microsoft Web sites. In addition, look for announcements of Microsoft and industry events, training opportunities, chats, and webcasts.

Get the Developer News You Want with the Customizable MSDN Flash

Whether you're a new or long-time subscriber, customizing MSDN Flash is easy. Just visit the MSDN Flash customization page (if you're not a subscriber, you'll be asked to subscribe on the way). From there, you can check which sections of MSDN Flash you want to receive, and your next issue will include all the headlines for that section. Clear the check boxes for the sections you're not interested in, and you'll receive only the top story for those sections.

If you're an MSDN subscriber, or interested in news for students or public sector software developers, make sure you check the boxes for MSDN Subscriber Benefits, Student News and Resources, or Government Resources.

Owh mcm tuh...paham dah hehehe

1 orang yang tak busy ^^:

Mohd Naim said...

wahh...menarik...nak subscribe la..

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